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New Client Special

3 One Hour Custom Massages for $209

(Save a total of $76, over $25 per session)

Call today!

Print this page to bring with you for your first appointment.
Appointments are available 7 days a week.

Limit 1 per person.  Offer expires July 15, 2024

Why do we offer such a low price to first time clients?

We believe that 3 sessions will give you a really good idea of how effective massage can be at improving the way you feel (especially decreasing chronic pain). You will also have the opportunity to try 3 different therapists, or start to build a relationship with 1 therapist that you really like. 

We know from experience that a high percentage of people who try our services more than once become regular clients. We are willing to take the risk of offering an introductory rate so you can see for yourself what is different about the team of therapists at PTM.

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