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Custom Massage

By far, our most popular massage.  A Custom Massage is as individual as you are.  If you need more time on your back and neck, or don't like your feet worked  on because they're ticklish, then this is the massage for you.  We are able to do a full body massage with extra time on a specific area--you must choose at least a 1 Hour Session (30 & 45 minute sessions won't give us enough time).

Most clients choose a 1 Hour Custom Massage and get a full body massage with extra time on 1 or 2 areas.  Runners typically get extra legs and hips, office workers or folks with lots of stress (think teachers, nurses, executives, moms) typically get extra upper back and neck, drivers tend to choose extra low back.  You get the picture!!  Whatever area needs extra attention, we've got you covered!!

A Custom Massage is in between Swedish & Deep Tissue--the pressure is firm and can be as specific as you need in any given area.

Many of the therapists at PTM are active in one way or another--whether hiking, running, playing tennis, or working out at the gym, so it comes natural to us to also work on folks who do the same.  Exercising or participating in some sport or active lifestyle keeps us all feeling healthier and less stressed.  For all the years I have been doing massage therapy, I have always said that massage is a truly awesome thing to do for yourself, but nothing trumps exercise and being active.

With that in mind, we know that each type of sport, activity, or exercise brings with it its own stressed or sore muscles that need attention.  Whether you have a sore shoulder from playing baseball or softball, sore calves from running on pavement, sore low back from being a weekend warrior or golfing--one thing in common is that it's usually your muscles that are creating your pain.  That being said, you might also have other issues going on.  We can talk with you and work on your sore areas, but we can also refer you to excellent local physical therapists, acupuncturists, or chiropractors if need be.

Each therapist has their own style and techniques including cross tissue, myofascial, acupressure, trigger point or neuromuscular, which can all be used effectively for Sports Massage.

Sports Massage
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